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...are directly at the beach or in the center of Tarifa. No matter which apartment, a great, exciting and active vacation in the southernmost city of Europe is guaranteed.

Holiday Apartment Tarifa Tortuga2

Aussicht aif den Strand Los Lances vom Balkon der Ferienwohnung Tortuga 2

Holiday Apartment Tarifa Las Cañas 2 

Holiday Apartment Tarifa Las Cañas I

Appartement Las Cañas I in Tarifa, Andalusien

Holiday Apartments Tarifa  Residencial Luna

Resindencial Luna

Holiday Apartment Bailen Tarifa

Resindencial Luna

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General information about Tarifa

Alameda in Tarifa

Alameda in Tarifa

Punta Tarifa

Punta Tarifa, the southernmost point of Europe

Dolphine in the straits of Gibraltar

Dolphins in the Straits of Gibraltar

Windkraftanlage in Tarifa, Andalusien

Wind turbines in Tarifa


Tarifa, in the Andalusian province of Cádiz (Spain), is the southernmost city on the European mainland. It marks the eastern end of the Costa de la Luz. The strategically important location at the narrowest point the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa has repeatedly been the scene of historical events. Today, the city, next to Hawaii Ho'okipa and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), one of the "world capitals" for wind and kite surfers 

Geography and economy 

At the western edge of town is the "Punta de Tarifa" (Punta, Spanish for "peak" or "horn"), the southernmost point of mainland Europe. The distance to Morocco, and therefore the African continent, is only 14 km. Nowhere else are Europe and Africa closer together. Ferries, including high-speed catamarans run several times daily between Tarifa and Tangiers. In the region of Tarifa blow, with the exception of a few days, especially in August, strong winds throughout the year. Either from the east, mostly coming from the Sahara warm Levant (wind force 7-9, mostly stronger), which often brings large quantities of sand, or the cool, usually weaker (wind force 6), coming from the Atlantic Poniente. These winds owe the city and region to about 50 km west of Cape Trafalgar past their first popularity in wind-and kite-surfers, and later on from all over the world, and thus its position as an international tourism destination. By the locals surfers are also known as locos por el viento, "the crazies on the wind." Since the 1970s sparked the tourism from the traditionally important fishing as the dominant economic sector. Its proximity to the Moroccan coast, Tangier is a popular destination for tourists. The wind energy is also used by many wind turbines that were built as part of EU-funded large-scale experiment on the hills in the hinterland. The proximity of European and African mainland, making the region of Tarifa also one of the central fixed points on the routes of more than 200 species of migratory birds (see migration). In the sea leads the meeting of the waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean into a unique ecosystem. Among the most spectacular inhabitants include a number of dolphin and whale species (common dolphin, Striped dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, pilot whale, orca, sperm whale, fin whale) Source Wikipedia